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Philippe Stouvenot

Designer | Architecte D.P.L.G.

France | Japan

Has an eclectic mind. He confronted himself very early to different materials. Initially working as a bricklayer, he then became an architect before focusing on design. His career seems to go in reverse to what is commonly known: he first conceived big scale works and then switched to making furniture for our everyday needs. His production focuses on a mindscape located in-between minimalism, spatiality, and pureness of the forms and memory of the materials. #1 Berlin [1998|2000] – #2 Bangkok [2000|2004] – #3 Atalnta [2004|2008] – #4 Paris [2008|2012] – #5 Tokyo [2012|20..]
Created and directed by the French architect Philippe Stouvenot since 1998, Transprofil is an urban and minimalist collection of contemporary furniture, simple and conveying a sense of beautiful energy, the artefacts’ design is based on pure shapes and is finely executed. The materials, which are deliberately in small number, are selected for their own technical and aesthetic qualities, and the results they give when they are worked upon till the limits of their resistance. Transprofil is a design that combines functionality and uncommon sensations: it simultaneously conveys ideas of vertigo, balance and humor.
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